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Discover our new Restaurant Chez Mademoiselle Conseil

Introducing a fresh concept: Grounded Bourgeois Cuisine!

It’s time for culinary comfort with delectable gourmet dishes meant for sharing. Explore or rediscover the splendid recipes of bourgeois cuisine—a nostalgic culinary expedition revisiting historic French recipes sourced from old books: rotisserie & grill, casserole, soups, truffle corner… a commitment to a comforting gourmet experience! Our menu spans from breakfast to dinner, adapting and evolving to suit every moment throughout the day.

Open every day

12:00 PM / 3:00 PM – 7:00 PM / 10:00 PM

A return to the Megevan sources

A tribute to Mademoiselle Conseil, the inaugural innkeeper of the Grand Hôtel du Soleil d’Or

Imagine Megève, over a century ago… Mrs. Conseil graciously welcomed her guests in a renovated barn, and subsequently made the visionary decision to construct a more comfortable and inviting establishment—the Grand Hôtel du Soleil d’Or! During that era, this locale was renowned for its gastronomy, warm hospitality, and convivial ambiance. It started as a modest inn, reflecting Megève’s role as a transit point. Travelers would pause, enjoy a meal, and spend the night at this charming place. Mademoiselle Conseil took care of everything—cooking, managing the rooms, and extending a warm welcome to each guest.